In Orion’s Hands: a collection of poems, captures the human condition. From trauma and heartache to the life-changing value of knowing one’s worth. Levi explores a shared connection with the universe and what it’s like to fall in love.
After a brush with death at the tender age of nine, Faer Michelson has a near-perfect autobiographical memory. He has a good life, loving wife, and he’s only mildly concerned about Y2K. Sure, no one else remembers Bobby Kennedy was president or that time an alien took over the TV to declare war, but what’s that in the grand scheme of things? Then one day Faer remembers something that he can’t shrug off: his own death in 1968.

It turns out, the Time Warp isn’t just a song in Rocky Horror. Faer finds himself stranded in the past with a shape-shifting alien and an apparition of his best friend. An unearthly decree is made before Faer can sort out how to get home: save yourself, then save the world.

MIRANDA LEVI is a blogger, artist, and avid letter writer. She’s contributed to several pieces over the years but A Tear In Time is her first novel. In Orion’s Hands is her first Poetry book. She lives in Seattle with her taxidermy raccoon, Vincent Cheese. You can access her blog, art, and other endeavors at